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It was our goal that one day we will have an opportunity to leave our country to continue studying sport elsewhere it was our dream. Because all the sportsmen who are in the developing countries have the same objective. Since we’ve been here we’ve been trying to improve everything on the ground alongside basketball and schooling and do our best.

The objective of our first step is to help the team to win the championship satisfy the present of the team and the coaches and the second to try to have my university degree and the third which is the final objective to make the best possible to join the SBL team. And to have money to help my family and my friends is our dream.

Since we are here we have been so much to do things that are possible that allow us to get ahead of certain things and I believe in that nothing is impossible in life as long as there is life there is hope and also believe in yourself and be patient and the rest is in the hands of god. We came here to respect both basketball and studies and nothing else. Well real that we got used well with their food and their behavior i think it’s our chance to continue living here if we have the chance to live here.

經歷 Experience

籃選秀 PLG Draft

Upon receiving this offer to join the New Taipei Kings, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for this opportunity to join one of Taiwans’ upcoming Professional Basketball Teams. I am very grateful to be noticed and awarded for my talent by the New Taipei Kings and because of this I plan to work extremely hard and do my part in helping the team to reach the top level whilst achieving many medals and championships. Therefore with humbleness, I extended my gratitude to the Owners and Management team of the New Taipei Kings for this opportunity that will take me to the next step in my career goal.

I would like send my appreciation to my parents, despite the distance, they have always supported my dreams and aspirations and encouraged me every step of the way, thus for this I am very grateful. Thank you very much.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to National Chengchi University for being the first one to give me the chance to study and play basketball in and for Taiwan, especially to the NCCU Griffin Team President – Mr. Fongnien Jiang, the Senior Sisters of the NCCU Griffin, my coach, the whole NCCU griffin team, the NCCU Principal, my professors, my tutors, my Classmates, my Friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been sponsored by NCCU and to have played for the Griffin Team, Especially that we were able to win the 2021 Championship. “GO EAGLES” “FLY HIGH”

With this I want to extend a special thanks to Coach Wei, Coach Hsiang, Coach Tobe, Coach KG, Coach Hsin, Coach lichen, Coach Joeko, Coach Goudiaby and Maxoo. who would have trained with me regularly to ensure that I was always at my best for playing. Also to Stanley who made sure that my journey here in Taiwan has been comfortable so far alongside helping me with a lot of things on a regular basis. Thanks to everyone who has helped in one way or another.

Finally, to all my relatives and friends who has supported me, I will continue to make you proud. THANK YOU ONCE MORE, TOO EVERYONE.

【P LEAGUE+】聶歐瑪
生涯首戰 繳出2分4籃板
by CTW籃球介紹

【P LEAGUE+】聶歐瑪
PLG Draft 訪問

【109UBA】八強 政大vs.世新 精彩的單手灌籃
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【107UBA】八強 政大vs.健行
我灌完,你跟上!聶歐瑪 王詠誠
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【107UBA】八強 政大vs.台藝
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